It is no secret that UV exposure is a great risk to all of us. At Shade Sunscreen we live an active lifestyle and with that comes the risk of exposure to UV-Rays above and beyond normal exposure. Which has challenged us to create a sunscreen for athletes, parents, kids and everyone else who does not want to live life in the shadows. In doing so we aimed to create sunscreen products that not only offer superior protection from UV exposure, while being light enough to wear on a daily basis and be tough enough to hold up in our daily activities  and still be conscious of our bodies, children, environment, and reefs. Our formulas contain the highest quality Non-Nano Zinc and Titanium Dioxide and have No Chemical Sunscreens, Paraben Free, Glycol Free, and have no animal derived ingredients. It is our commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation in sunscreen formulations and develop the best performing, safest products available. More about Shade Sunscreen